‚ÄčAdvance Australia Dry

The Outback has always been
A dry parched land
From the Indian Ocean
Into New South Wales

Dry river beds
Overflowing with sand
It's raining less
Than ever before

The whole country is now dry
Towns and cities without water
Even the mighty Murray
Has lost it's former glory

Are we just going to stand
And watch our homeland fry
Don't leave it until tomorrow
It's our problem today

We are girt by sea
The national anthem tells us
That is water Mr Prime Minister
We need to use it now

Use your billion dollar surplus
Get it to the people
The farmers and the towns
Before all we have is sand

The sunburnt country
Has sunshine to spare
Where are the solar plants
Nowhere to be found

Our windy coastline
Energy going to waste
Power until the wind stops
That hasn't happened yet

Desalinate the sea
Stick up big fans
Capture those UVs
Build those energy farms

We are only caretakers
For future generations
We are here to maintain
And improve our major asset

If you met your
Great grand kids
When they ask What did you do
What would your answer be