​Again and Again

​What is the future of this nation
In worse shape than you could imagine
Decadence abounds
Politicians are all clowns

Into an endless war a few years ago
Led by a Texan with a big ego
People protest in the streets
Bring our troops home at least

Girls in skimpy clothes and nude
Guys with many a weird hairdo
Cars are getting way too fast
Government spying is a farce

Drugs are killing our youth
Will he beat Babe Ruth
Sending rockets in the air
Think they'll land a man up there

Kids are getting very rude
Things they say are quite crude
Floods of ambitious migrants
Testing local tolerance

Don't graduate from school
People think you are a fool
Want to work hard
To buy a house with a yard

War threatens from the east
Rising up like an angry beast
My nuclear weapon is aimed at you
Oops, you have got one too

A favoured President is dead
We look to the future with dread
It's already 1968
Time to act before it's too late