All I Want For Christmas

A little boy sits on Santa's knee
What would you like for Christmas
A truck or maybe a bike
Would you like a big gun
Makes really cool noises
You could shoot the birds

I don't want a bike
A gun or even a truck
I just want one thing
My daddy to come home
He is in Iwaq
My daddy is a hero

Our house is sad without him
My mummy cries all the time
He'd take me to Home Depot
We would check out the tools
Once we bought some wood
And built a tree house

He is very big
And really really strong
He used to be a fireman
Before he went to Iwaq
He dove the fire truck
I have my own helmet

There is a bad man in Iwaq
That is why my daddy is there
He doesn't like bad people
He says you should always be good
Freddy said he is at war
Santa, what is war?