​Rough seas
Cold southerly winds
Brought the South Pole
To the sailors on watch
Two days out of Perth
Christopher Mallory had had enough
I'm gunna jump ship
Next chance I get

A tall red head from Dublin
Not born for the open seas
Give him a river
He is right at home
Six weeks of this hell
Constant wind and rain
Hardly sleeping
Waiting to die

The wind died
The rain stopped
They entered Melbourne's bay
At long last
Smooth sailing
This is better
Mallory made his plans
That night he was off

They unloaded by dark
The crew settled for the night
Rum flowing freely
Noisier by the hour
By 9 o'clock the crew slept
Mallory made his move
Swag on his shoulder
Down the gang plank and gone

A belly full of rum
Gave him the courage
After a couple of beers
He found a quiet doorway
Was soon fast asleep
Wake up you bum
He was awoken with a start
A boot the alarm clock

Guard wanted said
A sign at Cobb and Co
Better than waiting to sink
Swallowing salt water every day
Where the hell is Wangaratta
He asked the clerk
140 miles up the Sydney road
In Kelly Country

Pays a pound a week
You can leave tomorrow
The stage departs at noon
Start on Friday
The big Irishman smiled
I'll give it a go
You'll be right
We never get robbed

Wangaratta was growing
Five pubs 700 people
On the banks of the Ovens
Floods every few years
Mallory became Bluey
Enjoying his life
To Wodonga one day
Back the next

Then it happened
An hour out of Barny
Four blokes on the road
Guns in hand
Bail up they shouted
Put up your hands
Throw down the box
Or go to hell

Bluey met the Kelly Gang
He wasn't impressed
They pointed guns
Threatened to kill
An hour later
They reached Wodonga
Bluey quit
He'd had enough

Arriving in Australia