​being aussie

Are you dinky di true blue
An Aussie through and through
Walked the steps of the Opera House
The roof of Parliament House

Seen the Todd a raging river
Watched the mighty Rain Lover
Saw Uluru when it was a rock
Wore Bonds jocks and socks

Saw the dust fly at Birdsville
Heard tales of Mulga Bill
Watched Poseidon shares soar
Consulted the Fremantle Doctor

Complained about Melbourne rain
Crossed the Nullabor Plain
Went to Tassie on the Princess
Drank warm milk at recess

Said Holden was better than ford
To the response of "Oh lord"
Ridden a Malvern Star
Seen many a pink galah

Listened to a didgeridoo
Called a red head Blue
Thought Malcolm Fraser was a toff
Listened to the rhetoric of Gough

Claimed the Southern Cross
Watched Chappelli win the toss
Read a copy of Go Set
Thorpie was the loudest yet

Changed from pennies to cents
The public bar was just for gents
Called an umpy a white maggot
Bragged about Australia a lot

Ridden the Spirit of Progress
Saw Jean Shrimpton's dress
Been in awe of a kangaroo
Eaten a pie or two

Always admired our Dawn
Hills Hoist on the lawn
Saw Normie go to 'nam
Cottees made cordial and jam

Enjoyed vegemite on toast
Stuffed after a Sunday roast
Brewed your own ginger beer
On Bondi admired a rear

Be a sheila or a bloke
Stopped work for a smoke
If you are ridgy didge
Or just fair dinkum

Where ever you are
Travelling near and far
Home is a wide brown land
Girt by sea filled with sand