​The Captain's Sister

It was mid afternoon
When the Belle docked
They'd been gone a week
Down to Albury and back

G'day Captain called Thommo
There's another Yank in town
She's looking for her brother
His name is John Joseph Duncan

Bloody hell Thommo
It's me bloody sister
All the way from Missouri
What the hell she doing here

They tied up Belle
Curly and Bluey hit the pub
The Captain went looking for his sister
Who found him on main st

A loud American accent
Called Jacko Hey Jacko
He turned to see his baby sister
All grown up

Don't call me Jacko
Come on Jacko give your sister a hug
It was 24 years since he had seen her
A 10 year old Tomboy

Why are you here
You not pleased to see me
Yes it just so unexpected
You are all grown up

I'm meeting the boys for dinner
You'll like these two
Good men they are
Fair dinkum as the Murray herself

Hey you blokes
Meet my sister Donata
This young fella is Curly
The Irish bloke we call Bluey

Pleased to meet you miss
Never thought the captain
Could have such a beautiful sister
Said Bluey falling in love

Monday the Belle left Echuca
A crew of four
Donata joined them
To the delight of Bluey

Long summer days
Barmy summer nights
Donata and Bluey spent many
On deck sharing the moment

They hit a tree
Rounding a bend
The captain spoke in tongues
Bluey pulled into the bank

Curly went for a swim
There wasn't any damage
Keep a good lookout fellas
Next time might be worse

Wool unloaded
Building materials were the load
Back to Echuca
With another new crew member

Curly bought a dog
A friendly little bugger
He called it Murray
They became as thick as thieves

An uneventful trip
Saw man and beast bonding
Romance for Bluey and Donata
The captain like a proud father

B M Bassett unloaded his hardware
Bluey and Donata a romantic dinner
The others hit the pub
Life was good on the Mississippi Belle