​Boyhood heroes are perfect
Kids hang on their every word
I want to be like him
When I grow up

John Peck was my first
Big number twenty three
Hawthorn's Full Forward
He was a great goal kicker

Barry Waddell won Sun Tours
I got his autograph
During the Sun Tour of '64
Outside the Donald Post Office

Ron Clarke could run
Held many World records
I loved to run cross countries
I WAS Ron Clarke then

Ray Maddocks the principal
He always understood
Three years in Donald
Left a great impression

Peter Hudson what a guy
Could he kick a ball
From anywhere on the ground
Straight through the middle

Fammo Johnny Famechon
World Boxing Champion
Put Harada through the ropes
He barracked for Hawthorn too

Francis Robert O'Shea was a cop
Coached the under sixteens
When they were the greatest
Great backyard cricketer

Elvis the pelvis
We sang at all his movies
He was so cool
I wanted to look like him

As I grew older
The heroes changed
Horizons broaden
The boring became interesting

There was Gough Whitlam
Ground breaking Prime Minister
John Curtin another PM
Led us through the War

Sport is never far away
Dermott Brereton was king
Dean Jones and Shane Warne
We will always have heroes

​Childhood Heros