A big fat guy
In a red and white suit
Is the symbol of Christmas
Used to be a guy
Hanging on a cross
But not any longer

It's about presents
Not just for kids
Mum got a diamond
Dad a pool table
The more you spend
The better Christmas will be

I spent $50 on Diane
She gave me this trash
I'm not doing it next year
I hate these people
Hi Diane, thanks
Love your present

Christmas is a chance
To say I love you
To the ones who really count
To family and friends
You don't have to break the bank
To show you really care

Christmas is too commercialised
People are always saying
Then spend too much
On their spoilt kids
Then ignore the poor
They should just get a job

These Christian attitudes
Exude from the better off
They haven't had to starve
Live on the streets
They give thanks to God
Living their selfish life

All year they sin
Break the seven often
Christmas is the time
The church is full
Look God I'm here
I must be a good Christian