Computer Poker Champion

The table was set for six
They had room for one more
That will be me
I placed my chips on the table
My body in the chair
What the hell am I doing here

Last month it was a computer
Five names without faces
It didn't cost anything
I had nothing to lose
I was a betting machine
Clicked the mouse and won the lot

I won I bloody won
A hat a shirt and a trip
A trip to the World Series of Poker
Wow! That's a long way
From playing on a computer
I better practice my poker face

I hope Annie Duke is there
Doyle Brunson makes me look young
I'll face down Phil Helmuth
Laugh with Daniel Negreanu
This is so damn cool
Hope I get free food

Three days of playing
Battling the egos
All in against Phil Ivey
Bluffing being bluffed
I made it to the final table
Wow! I'm going to be on TV

Taking my seat I looked up
Staring into a beautiful pair of eyes
God I'm sitting opposite Annie Duke
She smiled and said Hi
Got my first two cards
Two red aces smiled up at me