Eagles soaring out of reach
Seas rolling on the beach
The night sky twinkling ever so bright
You have become my world's greatest delight
You reflect my thoughts my beliefs
We laugh so loudly at each others mischiefs

First time at the Gumtree Farm
I did my best with the Aussie charm
A beautiful face a warming smile
If looks were a race you'd win by a mile
A wonderful afternoon I had with thee
Not knowing my wife you would be
The day ended with a big hug
My loneliness was stumelug

Sent a few emails just to say hi
After a week not even a reply
Days turned into weeks then into months
Sadly our date was to be just once
Then out of the blue
An email from you

Like to visit if I could
Let's spend Sunday at Brentwood
10 o'clock I knocked on the door
Opening revealed a vision I adore
We hung out had some fun
Our life together had just begun

13th of April was a big day
Our future molded like statues of clay
We have our ups our downs
Together we are a couple of clowns
We two have become one
Basking in the warmth of the sun

After rain comes rainbows
The sun follows the moon
Barefoot on the sand
Holding your hand
Without a care
For our journey together I have the fare