Havelock fine cut tobacco
Was in his log cabin tin
A cigarette paper hung from his lip
A wad of tobacco into his left hand
Rubbed vigorously with the right
This happened more than once an hour

He looked like a typical Aussie worker
Sleeves always rolled above the elbow
A hat on his head until winter
A beret kept the winter chills out
He came from the old days
Riding his bike to work each day

Watching tv from his chair
He would cough loud and long
His face would be red when he finished
He looked and sounded awful
We never thought he was sick
Smoking just does that to you

He'd get out his makings
Paper hanging from his lip
Tobacco kneaded into shape
Wrapped in a Tally Ho paper
It was time to do it again
A Bryant and May Redhead lit it up

That first puff was entertaining
He'd cough himself stupid
Burning tobacco falling onto his shirt
Often his shirt was white nylon
These had burn holes everywhere
He patted out the fire and continued

For as long as I can remember
He was always coughing and smoking
Burning holes in his shirts
From poorly constructed cigarettes
He bought a pouch for his tobacco
The Log Cabin tin had taken a beating

Just a short bloke at five foot six
But swore he was once six foot
Had the body of a working man
A true blue collar worker
Spent Sundays getting wood
A trailer load each week

Never a sentence without a bloody
Always dreamt of buying a farm
Was the worst driver on any road
The owner of a hair trigger temper
Worked with George Jeffries as a garbo
Died in hospital after a three year residency

​Craig's Grandfather