​A strange machine
Two wheels and a seat
Works like a horse
It's driven by feet

It sat in the yard
At Cobb and Co
Waiting fir it's owner
To return to town

The Mississippi Belle was due
They'd been to Mildura
Laden with wool
Returning with furniture

It will replace the horse
The newspaper said
Sparking Curly's interest
He'd give it a go

He wrote to his father
Who found one in Malvern
A new design with pushers
Operated by your feet

They went from dawn
Until dark each day
Tiring the crew
All eager to get home

Early afternoon Friday
The Belle tied up
Bluey and Curly
Unloaded the chairs

Joe Bolden gave a hand
He mentioned the machine
In the Cobb & Co yard
How strange it looked

Bluey laughed loudly
It'll never be popular
I think it is mine
Curly left them dumbfounded

He headed to Cobb and Co
Eager to try it
G'day Bert G'day Curly
It's out the back

They stood silently
Taking it in
What do you do with it?
Ride it like a horse

Show me
I'm not sure
I think you sit there
Pointing to the steel saddle

Curly sat on it
What the hell do I do
Moving foot rests
Came out of the wheel

Pushed one
Starting to move
He lifted his other foot
Promptly fell over

The Captain, Bluey and Donata
Cheered and laughed
Curly dusting himself off
I guess it's harder than I thought

Bluey held the back and pushed
As Curly tried again and again
Each time he got better
Two hours later they hit the pub

Laughing at curly's expense
The stories got grander
Dutch courage was building
He'll tame the bastard

Two hours of drinking
The Dutch courage of ten men
Drove Curly back to Cobb & Co
To tame the bloody thing

For an hour
He wasn't missed
A cheer and a yell
Emptied the pub

There was Curly
Battered and Bruised
Riding his stead
Up and down the street

Curly waved
Fell off
Got back on
Two hands on the steering

I can go faster than walking
He told the crowd
Watching with new respect
He did tame the bugger

Saturday he rode for hours
He got so good
He could wave
Without falling off

What is it called people asked
I don't know for sure
You treadle to make it go
Think I'll call it a treadly 

​Curly's Bike