Well into it's sixth year
Belle hadn't moved for a couple of months
150,000 sheep had perished
The Murray was idle
Boats all tied to the docks
The worst drought since '75

Curly had a beer with the captain
Things were looking crook they agreed
No wool clip to move
Hot as hell day after day
Hasn't looked like rain
Since we had the two inches last year

We thought it broke the drought
The pub was so bloody busy
Half the town was drunk
Two inches in three days
The streets covered in mud
Kids playing in puddles

Hasn't rained in 14 months
Curly's working at the pub
It's been two months now
Serving beer telling yarns
If it doesn't rain soon
He might be doing this forever

Curly took the stage to the city
He was Mervyn again for a month
The city wasn't for him
Too many fast moving people
He'll take the Murray any day
Breaking his mother's heart once again

Donata enjoyed their time off
There was a wedding to prepare
A home to set up
Bluey was taking a bride
Donata had never been happier
She was to be Mrs Christopher Mallory

Every Sunday the church was full
People praying for rain
They had tried everything else
An Aboriginal rain maker last month
Spent all day for a week
We got nothing but entertainment

Up and down the river
Businesses going broke closing their doors
Families going to bed hungry
Some days they couldn't find a rabbit
Only potato and pumpkin soup
To starve off the hunger

The town's fathers had met
The population needs cheering up
They decided to have a game of cricket
Parents against the kids
At the footy ground
After lunch on Christmas Day

The word spread spirits lifts
Only a few days to Christmas
The pub donated a keg
Ian Bayles a couple of skinny sheep
Free barbie and beer
Lollies and presents for the kids

Christmas Eve saw cloudy skies
They knew it wouldn't rain
The kids were all excited
Tomorrow was Christmas and cricket
The cockies looked skyward and hoped
These clouds were full of water

It was a Christmas to remember
At dawn the rain had been falling for hours
They moved the party to the shearing shed
The drought was over for sure
We can play cricket another day

The Drought Breaks