Five days a week
Sometimes even seven
Curly stokes the boiler
That makes the Belle tick

Echuca is now home
Hawthorn a distant memory
During winter he is
The town celebrity

Playing centre half forward
Curly is the local footy star
Kicks a couple each week
Wearng the brown and gold

Curly looks just dandy
Button up work boots
Pants down to his knees
Number 23 on his back

It is a brown jumper
Gold E on the front
Old work pants
Cut off at the knee

He got into it last week
With the Moama full back
Classic haymakers were thrown
All missed by a bloody mile

The captain and Bluey
Go to most games
Defending their mate's honour
More than once during a game

The three share a beer
And a cigarette
At half time
Helps Curly revive

The captain is amused
A game without rules
Blokes running all over the place
Chasing a bloody ball

Bluey had a game once
Tall red haired fella
Looked like a footballer
Until he got the ball

He tried to bounce the ball
They kicked a goal
Before he realised
Where it went

You should see him
Try to kick the bloody ball
If his boot actually makes contact
His players are caught off guard

In the pub after the game
Is when the stories grow
Macca had 80 kicks
Knackers kicked it 100 bloody yards

Curly was asked to go home
Play for Melbourne
In the Victorian Football Association
For 10 bob a week

Not bloody likely Mr Wills
This is the life for me
He told his old mentor
The man who invented the game

Next week is a big game
The Bendigo team
Was coming to town
There'll be more than one fight

Last year in Bendigo
Bob Male hit Robbie Steele
The Echuca mob loved it
Nearly caused a riot

They left Swan Hill on Wednesday
Home by Friday night
Ready for the big game
Against those Bendigo bastards

​The Echuca Hawks