Hey God look here
Hang on, I'm Busy
But people are starving
They need food

America needs me
Gay couples married
Women aborting
I'm going to teach them

Whip up the winds
Bring on the rain
Call St Peter
To open the express lane

But Saddam is killing
Shiites and Kurds
I'll send George Bush
He'll stop the heathen

George can you hear me
Yes God almighty
You want me to build a boat
No, we've done that before

There is a man
Putin, that damn Putin
No George listen
He's killing his people

Let me at him
He can't hide from me
President of the United States
I'll kick his ass

He lives in the desert
Rules by killing
Can you stop him
I'll get you re-elected

Whoopee! My buddy God
Is gunna get me re-elected
Better call Dick
He can tell me what to do

God, what have you done
He'll mess it up
He's an idiot
Just a groupie

Relax my son
Come on I will show you
The big picture
He is my pawn

I messed up Earth
He will blow it up
We'll start again on Mars
Only takes six days

​God's Big Picture