​They streamed towards the colosseum
Painted faces young and old
Dressed in the colours
Of their champions
Ready for the battle
Against the dreaded foe

From Richmond and Jolimont
Stations they poured
Some kicked the footy
Others with fish and chips
They all discussed the game
We're gonna flog those bastards

75 thousand filled the arena
There was a hum of anticipation
Opposing fans united as one
Booing the umpires on appearance
Sounding like a well trained choir
Baritones and drunks alike

On the ground kids battled
Against a swirling wind
They spent hours building this banner
For their heroes to run through
Three people each end holding ropes
Keeping mother nature at bay

The speakers came to life
22 hard muscled gladiators appeared
We're a happy team at Hawthorn
Half the crowd sang
As they ran through the banner
Primed ready to go

Adulation and smiles on faces
As they ran onto the ground
All troubles forgotten
Three hours of footy
Nothing else really matters
Buddy and Crawf'll get the job done

​Going To The Footy