A little boy talks too loud
Shh says his grandma
I'm talking to Mrs Alexander
They gossiped over the fence

Giggling laughing little boys
Playing cars on lino roads
Speeding up and down
Beep beep I'm coming through

Three of us in the back
Of Grandpa's Triumph Herald
Stopped to watch joy flights
They soared way up high

We watched an Elvis movie
Grandpa died that Friday night
The little boy cried so often
We missed him so much

In grade six he was smart
School work was so easy
Martino was the teacher
High school was to be a shock

The lights were turned off
Half the brain shut down
All the way through form five
School was a daily struggle

He'd had enough of school
And going to get a job
Go down to the post office
I don't want that job

He started in the August
Of his seventeenth year
He delivered the town's mail
And ran the exchange some nights

He went from kid to man
From student to worker
Still a lost soul
Searching for his destiny

​Growing Up