Bubbly personality Winning smile
A new girl an instant hit
Guys come upto bat
Striking out one by one
They didn't stand a chance
She's been hooked by Em

One stood back looking
Watching her every move
Where is she Who is she with
It's starting to be spooky
Always staring not saying a word
Now he's catching her bus

Approaching midnight
Looking over her shoulder
Is he in that shadow
Or maybe this one
She imagines his eyes
Staring without emotion

Last night her followed her
First to the bus
Then to her car
Staring not saying a word
Gone her smile her bedroom eyes
No room for them here

Her mind racing What'll she do
She fights him 20 times
Each time she beats him
Her confidence rising
Forever looking Searching shadows
Around the dimly lit bus stop

Tonight the bus is late
Damn Why tonight
She hears movement
Out of the shadows he stepped
Slowly moving towards her
No recognition only staring

Her cool exterior
Hid the raging inside
Thoughts came and went
Plan after plan
Kick to the groin Maybe a leg
It's not going cheap tonight

The lights hit his eyes
A very welcome sight
The bus turned the corner
Relieved she smiled at the driver
Sitting close behind him
Her knight in shining armour

Sitting on the back seat
His stare never altered
Consuming her every move
Captivated by her beauty
She tried to ignore him
An impossible task

They rolled to a stop
The door swung open
Out of her seat and gone
Heading straight for her car
Looking back once maybe twice
Fear in her eyes

Starting after her
He got off the bus
She approached her car
His bus arrived
She got in locking the doors
On his bus he smiled

​He Scares Her