​He looked down the barrel
The target, asleep in his chair
Tears flowed freely
Down the boy's face
You'll never hit mum again
Or any of us kids

It was a brutal Sunday evening
Crying from the bedrooms
Sadness filled the house
Mother's tears soaked her pillow
How could she marry this man
Sadness she had never known

What had happened
Nothing, bloody nothing
A few beers with George
Turned him into a monster
It happened way too often
Leaving sadness in his wake

He had seen dad ask mum for a kiss
Once, he only did it once
He couldn't remember dad laughing
Dad was a hard worker
Sunday morning was for getting wood
A full trailer each week

He barracked for Collingwood
Got red faced and yelled
At umpires during matches
All they did was make mistakes
They cost Collingwood games
All of this watching tv

What are you doing
Called his mother
I'm gonna kill the bastard
He'll hurt us no more
He squeezed the trigger
His dad's head caved in

For the first time
He felt totally relaxed
They were free from fear
No more crying or tears
Just happiness and sunshine
Let's be a normal family

His mum screamed
He snapped back to reality
He was laying in bed
It was nothing but a dream
A dream he had often
How he wished it was true

​He Shot The Bastard