Taking Henry Parkes to Mildura

G'day fellas, how are you
My name is Henry Parkes
I need a ride to Mildura
Stopping at each town

G'day Henry, I'm Curly
This is Bluey and the Captain
What do you want to do that for
It'll cost you a pretty penny

It is time for the colonies
To grow into a country
Just like America
We can grow strong

That's and interesting concept
Do you think it will work
Too right I do
Only together will we prosper

That night Bluey, Curly and the Captain
Went to Parkes' meeting
Impressed by his rhetoric
But not everybody was

A couple of drunks at the back
Started heckling Henry
More bloody crooked politicians
Taxing us to death

Sir, we can be independent
The tax money staying here
Making us a nation
To grow strong and proud

Ya grey bearded old bastard
Go back to Bloody Sydney
Take your ideas with you
Ya flaming jack ass

Sir please allow me to speak
I am sure the people here
Want to listen to me not you
Continue and I'll have to ask you to leave

Bluey and Curly sauntered over
After a chat with the hecklers
The four left, ten minutes later
Bluey and Curly returned

Parkes got warm applause
For his presentation
People wanted an independent country
A say in how it is run

Six more times
They heard him
Preach to the masses
Spreading his word

Most meetings were incident free
Except in Swan Hill
A fight started in the hall
Ended in the street

Henry and the captain
Became firm friends
Discussing the issue
Over a whiskey or two

By the time they docked in Mildura
The word had spread like wildfire
Parkes was welcomed as a hero
People lined the dock

It was Henry Parkes Day
Kids were out of school
The town band played all day
A dance after the meeting

People travelled all day
From Red Cliffs and Merbein
Wentworth and surrounding farms
To hear the Father of Federation

Parkes left with Cobb and Co for Adelaide
While the boys loaded the Belle
The trip back won't be the same
Neither will the colonies