A middle class upbringing
Didn't prepare her for this
An innocent time an innocent girl
Looking for a long happy marriage
Three months pregnant she walked down the aisle
An older man waits at the altar
The father of her child
Not the man she dreamt of

A marriage out of town
To hide her parent's shame
This baby was followed by two more
Her live-in mother in law
Wasn't a close friend
She wasn't good enough for her boy
Mum didn't really know her son
It was him who wasn't good enough

It was during the sixties
Her groom became her nightmare
Anything set him off
The kids would cower with fear
They were scarred for life
Watching their mother beaten
By her brutal husband
They'd hear her cry for hours

The kids also received treatment
There was never any love shown
Copping abuse or maybe a hiding
It was hard to live with this man
Sunday beer with George Jeffreys
Cocked the trigger of his temper
He'd let fly with abuse and hands
This wasn't the man she married

18 years of this marriage
Was all she had to endure
This man she once loved
A love that died many years before
An illness came to her rescue
Gnawing away at his brain
Sending him to hospital
To wait for his time to come

For 36 years she was single again
Watching her kids and their kids
Sometimes with heartache and sadness
Always talking of their achievements
One August night in Colac
A being with a cloak and sickle
Said my child come with me
She left without saying goodbye


​Her Brutal Marriage