I married a woman
With a two year old kid
We added two more
A couple of girls

We stayed together 16 years
I am a very tolerant man
The kids are all cool
As they experience their 30's

Now 17 years later
Happiness I have found
Three women later
I finally got it right

Three years I went out
With a mother of four
She was very special
It wasn't our time

A trip to America
A rushed marriage
Thought it would last five years
I bailed after one

Still in America
Planning to stay
Reflecting on life
Brings a scowl and  smile

I messed up at times
Starred on other occasions
Did I really do that
Let's not tell anyone

This life has been silly and smart
Two marriages and a great love
All roads were leading to
Happiness and love for the rest of my life

​History of Love