I Barrack for Hawthorn

Life changing events
Come in many forms
Near death experiences
A chat with God
Mine came in September '61
From the Melbourne Cricket Ground

I was a seven year old kid
Footscray was my team
They were up against Hawthorn
Of course we will win
My new team beat Footscray
We are the Premiers

We had a rocky road
Hawthorn and I
Grand Final in 1963
Wooden spoon in 1965
John Peck kicking goals
His poster on my wall

Peter Hudson was my next hero
He was better than Wade
And of course McKenna
One hundred goals a year
In 1972 he did his knee
We went down again

Scotty another hero
Ran through walls
To get the ball
Or protect his men
He carried a handbag
We didn't really care

Knights flying high
Matthews doing it all
Leading us back to the top
The '80's were ours
Our new breed took over
We stayed at the top

The Kid and Dunstall
The greatest forward line
You couldn't keep them down
Dermie's constant rampage
Ensured our little guys
Were safe to play the ball

We nearly lost them in 1996
Melbourne tried a take over
The Melbourne Hawks indeed
You've got to be bloody joking
Scotty and Dermie stepped up
Saved our Hawks for us

The glory died in the '90's
Shane Crawford became the team
Finals games were rare
2001 we came so close
It has been promising
Each year we get a bit better

The current list of players
Is making us dream again
The love affair continues
The results don't end our love
They will always be my #1
We are a happy team at Hawthorn