​I Met St Peter

The bullet hit me
Sending me forward
Slamming into the ground
So bloody hard

Blood was everywhere
The realisation
It was mine
Didn't help at all

I could hear people
Screaming yelling
Ambulance sirens deafening
He's still breathing

Stuck me with a needle
An oxygen mask on the mouth
Into the ambulance
Racing through the streets

Rushing me to ER
Then into OR
I went to sleep
Leaving them to save me

I woke up relaxed and calm
I was looking down
It was me on the table
Being jump started

Don't bother fellas
I'm out of here
I see a tunnel
Head for the light

An old guy
With a grey beard
G'day mate how are ya
Welcome to heaven Phillip

Am I in trouble
If God walks out
I'll die of fright
Too late idiot

You St Peter
Yes Phillip
You know Jesus
My head started hurting

He's back I heard them say
You bloody hero
I still don't know
If Jesus knows the Gate Keeper