His letter arrived today
He is going to America
He is going to be rich
All Americans are
They had a big party
Everybody wished him well

Tears were flowing
Hugs and hand shakes
Farewelled their son and brother
United Airlines flew him
To a new land
A new life in America

His cousin Ahmed welcomed him
To San Francisco California
Muhammad thanked Allah
For a safe journey
They spoke Arabic in
A very joyous reunion

A new century a new country
Muhammad entered 2000 an Iraqi American
His world was peaceful
People were friendly and happy
Ahmed worked at a refinery
Muhammad was soon working there

September 2001 his tranquility was shattered
Arabs crashed planes into the World Trade Center
People no longer smiled at him
Some sneered and spat
Happiness replaced with sadness
But this is America not Iraq

At work they called him raghead
Put oil in his lunch box
He listened to American hatred
Against his homeland and people
Beaten up in the street
He started to hate back

These infidels will pay
Allah would guide him
He prayed every two hours
Allah told him he must kill
Americans were the devil
They all hate him and must die

Monday he packed his guns
Today he wouldn't need lunch
Today Infidel pigs will die
Blood will flood the refinery
They will learn a lesson
Then go to hell

The refinery was quiet at 6am
Muhammad arrived two guns in his bag
Nobody searched him
Driving a truck he looked for targets
What are you looking at raghead
Were the last words this welder spoke

In 20 minutes 30 people had died
Allah would be so happy
Helicopters flying overhead
Sirens screaming their warnings
Approaching a roadblock he gunned the engine
And screamed Allah be praised

Off to his 72 virgins
Allah was so proud
These thoughts raced through his mind
20 bullets ended his rampage
In reality he was the latest victim
Of the World Trade Center tragedy

Iraqi American Sadness