​My head hurts
I am coughing
I feel really crook
I force one eye open

Heaven looks like the boat
Get up Bubba
Must have one to hell
Donna is here too

Sort out my clothes
Whingeing and moaning
Cough cough ah hell
My head hurts

Syphon the python
Five minutes in the shower
Now I am wet
And my bloody head hurts

Rascy gets his treats
A rub on the belly
Yarra a scrap of bread
My bloody head hurts

The drive to work
Will clear my head
Get out of the way
You slow morons

All day coughing
Blowing my nose
Wishing i worked indoors
It rained all day

First cold in four years
It knocked me around
If i didn't get the coughing record
I certainly got the whingeing one ​

I've Got a Cold