​Jeff "Bloody" Smith

Running from tree to tree
Joe and Bert shooting each other
Both armed with sticks
Ned Kelly fighting the troopers
A bloke rode up on a horse
He'd come a long way

Brushing dust off his coat
He addressed the boys
G'day you blokes
G'day I'm Ned Kelly and
That's Trooper Bolden
I've killed him four times

You must be a good shot
With that gun of yours
I am said Joe chest inflating
I'm the best bushranger ever
What about you Trooper Bolden
I'm always the trooper he groaned

You blokes William Bolden's boys
Trooper you look just like him
You know our dad mister
Since he was your age
We used to play troopers and miners
He were always Peter Lalor

We rode our horses to school
His were Bobby Patch were mine
Did he get into trouble
We was always gitting inta somethun
Once we took frogs to school
Put them on the girls desks

Wiping her hands on her apron
Mary approached the conversation
Mum this is a friend o' dad's
They went to school together
G'day missus good boys you have
Chip off the old block

G'day I'm Mary William's wife
These are my boys Joe and Bert
William is fixing the house yard
Cupla railings broke last week
Boys'll take ya to William
He's been out there all day

It was a hot February day
William had finally finished
His brow glistened in the sun
As he wiped away the sweat
He noticed a man with his boys
Laughing and talking

Hey Billy Bolden you little bugger
The stranger called across the yard
Dad did you really do that
What is that Joe
Scared girls with frogs
William stared at the stranger

Jeff Bloody Smith how ya goin'
Kids this is my mate from school
Reunited after 25 years
Terrors of Wangoon's grade six
They shook hands and laughed
At unsaid memories from school

They sat under the tree
Afternoon turned into night
Mary gave up calling them
And brought their tea out
Mutton and potatoes the fare
Washed down with cups of tea

Jeff had selected at Corack
A few miles from Lake Buloke
Waving goodbye having planned
To meet in Corack on Friday
To build a hut and yards
Help turn his selection into a home