​Jeff's Corack Mansion

Horses grunted wagon groaned 
Laden with trees and tools 
Departing Jeffcott for Corack 
William Mary and the kids 
Excited sleepy and grumpy 
They rolled down the dusty road 

The boys ran along side 
Played Ned Kelly and Ben Hall 
Shooting at their dad 
After his precious cargo 
The distance took it's toll 
Snoring peacefully on arrival 

The aroma of rabbit stew 
Fresh damper and cool water 
Greeted their arrival 
At the camp soon to be a 
Hut and home for Jeff 
A place to raise a family 

Bloody good tucker Jeff 
William declared mopping the gravy 
Off his plate with damper 
Just what we needed 
Been a long bloody day 
I think the flies are getting worse 

Sleep came quickly that night 
Snoring filled the air 
Male and female young and old 
Morning came even quicker 
Jeff and William had two hours 
In before the boys surfaced 

Ya want a bloody mansion ya bastard 
William chided Jeff again and again 
40 by 20 what are ya gunna to do 
Park the bloody wagon in it 
By lunch were posts were in 
The afternoon spent splitting trees 

Joe and Bert hunted snakes 
Mary helped where she could 
William and Jeff argued about wood 
As only mates can 
William's wattle or Jeff's buloke 
Dad's wattle of course declared Bert 

Two days of sweating 
Produced four walls 
Two wattle and two buloke 

We'll bloody see said Jeff 
With the frame for the roof in place 
They were off home in the morning