​Life Goes On

​The saddest place on Earth
Memories of loved ones
Many more long forgotten
Flowers here and there

Headstones standing like soldiers
Erect and to attention
On the rolling hills
A part of the memory army

Young Oakland lives
Sadly cut short
By the present day epidemic
Violence and gun fire

This most sacred of places
We all end up one day
Hopefully old and on time
Not by another's hand

The bereaved gather around a grave
Sobbing and bidding farewell
A loved one and friend
Lowered to their final resting place

Where do you go from there
Is argued by the masses
Most agree it is their heaven
To others you are worm food

Death often scares us
To never see our loved ones again
No laughter and smiles
No pleasures this life brings

Eyes shut never to re-open
The breathing ceases
Thank you for your time
Somewhere a baby is born