​Looking Back

The 50's and 60's were my childhood
Reflect for a moment if you would
We laughed and we played
Then suddenly we aged

Growing up with Holdens and Fords
To some are just words
God saved the Queen
A black and white tv screen

We had pennies and pounds
Paper boys doing their rounds
My grandma was really nice
Hawthorn made the grand final twice

We only had two channels on tv
BTV 6 and the ABC
My dad hated ads
So channel three was all we had

Communism was taking it's toll
The Domino Theory was on a roll
No Labor for us
It was Menzies or bust

1966 it was off to high school
We were so cool
That was 40 years ago
Then time was so slow

Today a 170 channel tv
Colour for all to see
Commos have been and gone
In every pocket a cell phone

Looking at things in the past
You see life goes fast
Life isn't like flying a kite
You've got just one chance to get it right