Melbourne has plenty to do
Sit back I'll show you
No need for driving
Take a train for relaxed arriving

Catch a train to Geelong
Don't stay too long
Hitch to Bells
Hit the swells

Ride a train to the city
Lots of homeless - such a pity
Go to the Bourke St Mall
Watch clowns juggle balls

A train to the "G"
The game we wanted to see
Today it's the Crows
Gunna shove it up their nose

On the train to Belgrave
A promise to behave
A ride on Puffing Billy
Through countryside so hilly

Around the Melbourne Show
The sky is aglow
Have rides on plastic nags
Arms full of showbags

Want to see a kangaroo
Hop a tram to the zoo
It takes ages
To see all the cages

Crown Casino has charm
Bandits with one arm
The spin of the wheel
A pretty girl to deal

A short tram ride to Vic Market
Biggest variety you can get
Meat socks or bananas
Even new pajamas

Major sports call it home
Many places you can roam
It's not all rain and cold
But a place to behold