Men of Australia

‚ÄčIt's had many names
Over the last 500 years
Terra Australis was the land
People assumed was there
The Dutch found a west facing land
Explored the coast and called it New Holland

Cook was reminded of South Wales
While Tasman missed New Holland
He ran into an island
Which he named after his leader Van Deman
In 1901 it was finally official
The six colonies became Australia

Great men found this land
Great men founded the country
From Arthur Phillip's strong leadership
Henry Parkes drive for a nation
Alfred Deakin nurtured our new home
John Curtin our great war time leader

A raw rugged land
Has given birth to annual bushfires
Killing many animals and people
Threatening the existence of many towns
It has become part of the culture
Each summer volunteers fighting fires

Australia has never been invaded
Darwin suffered Japan's wrath
During the second world war
Sydney saw them in mini subs
They were repelled each time
Sending them on their way

You won't see flags flying everywhere
Big celebrations of nationalism
You will see mates helping mates
A bloke puffing his chest with pride
Ya know that movie star
He's an Aussie ya know