​Mum and Dad

A scream
Then another
It's on again
The bastard is mad

He's such a big man
Can beat his wife
A defenseless woman
So sad so blue

Each hit hurts me
As much as her
An emotional wreck
Torn up inside

I ran out the back
Prayed to God
He didn't help
She just got more

I ran next door
John wasn't there
I've got to stop him
What can I do

Frank O'Shea will help
I head down there
Tears down my face
Running scared

Frank did his best
I felt a bit better
It happens so often
When will it end

18 years of this bully
Then he was gone
Alzheimer's claimed him
Kama is a bitch

Three years in hospital
Then he was gone
Didn't cry
Didn't care