​Nana Has Passed

​The body was old
The face showed it's age
Her memory was in and out
She thought I was Merv

This was her last week
After 88 years
50 of them married
Sixty years a mother

Surrounded by family
Paying homage
Three generations saying goodbye
To their mother and Nana

Tears of sadness
Flowed from young eyes
They love their Nana
And her wrinkly hands

Born of poor parents
A hard working lady
Gave her family the comforts
She could afford

Sunday dinner
Was her weekly highlight
Sometimes 20 around the table
Always a roast

Candy for the kids
Counsel for others
Gert was a true lady
Living for her family

Her eyes closed forever
Heaven is richer
Open those pearly gates
There's a lady waiting ​