​The New Beginning

​He came out of the east
Some called him the Messiah
People flocked to him
A master of words
Inspiring the masses
People felt alive again

They travelled for days
To touch this man
To hear his words
Some called him a Muslim
A terrorist a fraud
He had become too popular

Going from town to town
The crowds came
Hanging on his every word
He reminds them of a man
Who lived long ago
And died too young

The rich and the poor
The famous and unknown
Came under his spell
Helping spread the word
Time for a new beginning
Cleanse us from evil

Woman at first disliked him
He was saying too much
He was saying too little
Can we trust him
We really need a woman
Gentle but strong

She was swept aside
It was not her time
Maybe it had passed
He truly is our man
Join me and spread the word
He will take us there

Is the country ready
For this much change
We have never had a man
Like this before
Can he unite the people
Bring them together as one

Hard work is ahead
Walk with me to freedom
Together it can be done
I can't do it alone
He told adoring crowds
In cities across the land

They chose a black man
Instead of a woman
In this most racist of lands
For the next four years
They will follow this man
He is the President for them all​