​Norma Jean Bolden

Born in 1929
A daughter for Bert and Gert
Sporting a mop of black hair
They called her Norma Jean

Life was good in Donald
For the granddaughter of J. H. Bolden
The depression was hurting most
But not this baby girl

Christmas '31 saw Gert pregnant again
April delivered a brother and sister
Maureen and Merv - playmates and friends
For this excited two year old

Norma was 10 when the 30's closed
Her days were spent at school
A good student always
Never a failing grade

Diggers were in trenches
Fighting the fascist swarm
Life in Donald continued
With all the middle class comforts

Melbourne it was decided
To where Norma's going to school
The Japanese attacked Darwin
So it was back home for her

On obtaining her Merit Certificate
It was into the family business
The third generation
At J. H. Bolden and Son

Norma had grown into a woman
She met a bloke named Jack Smith
A courtship quickly followed
They married in 1952

Within a year the family grew
They had a baby boy
Then another boy
And a girl by 1956

Life wasn't always easy
With a man and his temper
Always on the receiving end
Bruised time and again

Her beloved father died in '64
A life changing time
The kids all growing up
Enduring a marriage from hell

The early '70's saw another change
The two boys both working
Husband committed
Time to relax

Jack died in '73
A life was over
A man not missed
Mourned by so few

Trevor added Helen McIntosh
To the family tree
Marilyn Ralph - a wild child tamed
Became daughter in law number two

Leon Bradley and Bianca
Started the rush
Grandkids coming fast
In the end there were nine

A Ballarat boy named Peter Stuart
Married her little girl
He wore the pants
But she was the boss

Norma and her mother were close
Sadly Gert was sick for years
1980 was the year she passed
Annie Gertrude Bolden was a lady

The '80's and '90's were good times
Manchester Unity was her job
She sold her home of 40 years
And moved into a flat

They aged gracefully
Norma Maureen and Merv
Suddenly Merv was gone
A gap no-one could fill

Legacy and Neighbourhood Watch
Consumed her free time
A Donald Hotel regular
Without ever having a beer

At 77 she was slowing
Always the volunteer
You need a ride
I'll take you there

The golden years were good
In her oldies flat
Surrounded by friends
The gossip right at hand

Trev Phil and Chris
Have all grown up
So have their kids
She was proud of them all

The last Bolden link
To Donald has passed
From Joe to Norma
133 years of civic pride