​I am so lonely
Wish I had a girl
I don't know anyone
I never have a date

I looked on line
So many are hot
Would they talk to me
Oh gee, what will I say

Twenty eight no kids
She's pretty too
Lives just 20 minutes away
Maybe I should email

Oh, will she write
She thinks I'm ugly
Damn I hate women
They are all the same

She didn't like my email
Should I do it again
No bugger her
She is just a bitch

I got an email
It's from her
Should I open it
What if she hates me

God! She wants to meet
At Starbucks in an hour
Shower brush my teeth
Run around in circles

Hello I'm Jenny
Um Ah I'm Tony
Are you feeling alright
Latte or Mocha!!!

​Online Dating​