​An equal opportunity employer
Their trades women and men
Work shoulder to shoulder
Each carrying their load
The metal shop works with brass
Results very rewarding

Labourers are always busy
Three or four different tasks
They have vital roles
Complementing the trades
Never any glory for them
Just constant action

The dress codes are strict
A bow tie and a suit
A very smart dress
No jeans or t shirts
The pants pulled up
Everybody neat and tidy

The foreman taps his desk
Calling them to order
He looks so smart
Dressed in a tux
Their total attention is his
His wish is their command

The workers check their machines
Their tools are ready to go
Tension is building
It's about time to start
The lights go down
The machines start as one

It is beautiful music
This workshops product
Created for their customers
All sitting in the dark
Applauding enthusiastically
Listening to Strauss' Blue Danube

​Orchestrated Workplace​