​Protesting the War

F#@k Bush
F#@k the war
They shouted
Bring them home

Old people
Young people
Men women
All protesting

San Francisco streets
Crammed with people
Wanting to end
A useless war

Long grey hair
Old hippies
For peace and love
Holding signs

Sit in the street
Refusing to move
Speakers loudly calling
Their message of peace

Leave Iraq
Stop Killing
I want my son
Home with me

It's time to move
Shout the cops
No one moved
They're staying put

They grab a guy
Drag him away
Then another
And another

One protester resists
A scuffle ensues
Hit with a stick
To get their way

A bloodied face
Held by his hair
Screaming bloody murder
He's dragged away

Slowly they leave
Trash everywhere
Messing up their street
They're here for peace

Cars drive along
Their street again
Until the next time
Until they get peace​