​Rascy is one hell of a cat
Lacey brought him home
From Safeway
About four years ago

He is bigger than most cats
Looks like a puma
Once was a hunter
But now he's retired

This big brave male
Jumps at every sound
Hides from visitors
Under our blankets

Spends a lot of time
Talking to us
Telling us stories
Complaining about being moved

His brother is a green bird
They epitomise sibling rivalry
More than once there has been
A swipe or a peck

Mornings at the alarm
He is in there calling
Get out of bed
Meow meow bloody meow

He gets under your feet
Looking for a pat
Stand on his tail
You hear all about it

He is a cool little guy
Always welcoming us home
With a pat me meow
And a feed me look in his eyes