​We were a patriotic mob
After World War Two
Returned soldiers were everywhere
Our mums our dads

A couple of times a year
Rememberance and Anzac Days
They' roll one out
To talk to bored students

He would stand in front of us
About 250 disinterested little kids
Telling us of their heroics
Saving the world for us

Donald wasn't different
They'd sit us on the lawn
Outside the office
Kick it off with God save the Queen

Rememberance Day 1965
Was our last at primary school
We were the grade sixers
Always setting the example

Just after the 11th hour
Of the 11th day of the 11th month
As our orator began his tale
A worm wiggled into view

Quick off the mark
I threw it at Linton Kirk
Who passed it onto Garry Koll
This lasted the length of the speech

The feelings of the worm
Were disregarded by this trio
It did sommesaults through the air
Wondering what the hell is happening

This enjoyment didn't go unnoticed
By the teaching staff
They were just jealous
They didn't find it first

Dick Giles was the head master
Bill Dunn his chief henchman
He was quick on the strap
His was the hardest

One hell of a tongue lashing
Started the punishment
The cuts from Mr Dunn part two
It's going to bloody hurt

I was a veteran of this punishment
I had never faced Mr Dunn
We were really scared
People said it hurt more

The Head Master entered the room
We went quiet
Another tongue lashing
Then the news

We got a reprieve
No cuts today
Quietly we left
Wanting to cheer

They still do it today
The veteran's war has changed
The speakers tell the same story
To gatherings of bored kids

​Remembrance Day 1965