Fingers running through her hair 
Gentle kisses on her neck 
Massaging her tired shoulders 
A gentle groan - I hit the spot 
The fire crackles, three logs burning 
On this cold wet winter's night 
A plush sheep skin sets the scene 
Bach supplies a gentle ambiance 
Candles flicker romantic lights 
The passion stakes are high tonight 

Another bottle of red and 
The massage travelled downwards 
Clothes get in love's way 
They gently float to the floor 
One bra strap follows the other 
Falling "C" cups reveal their treasures 
Hands on her welcoming breasts 
Followed closely by a hungry tongue 
Sensations went through her body 
As she reached out for his belt 
Each naked body enjoying the other 
In the fire's soft warm light 

The odour of love consummated 
Filled the air late into the night 
Two sweaty bodies lay panting 
Entwined together - body and soul 
The glowing embers shone dimly 
Candles melted away 
Spending our lives together 
Was the vow made that night 

‚ÄčRomantic Evening