​He died when I was 10
The first death to effect me
We gathered on the hearth
Our mother crying broke the news
Her father Our grandfather
Died in hospital last night

This news broke my heart
I cried often over the next week
He was buried with a massive funeral
The biggest in Donald for years
Hearse towed to the cemetary
Pipe band sending him on his way

Uncle Merv left then too
Not to be seen or heard of
For nearly 10 years
He was never here anyway
The Air Force had him in Richmond
Up near Sydney in New South

The simple life appealed to Merv
He was offered the family business
J H Bolden and Son a respected firm
Been operating over 50 years
It's best days in the past
Times changed quicker than Boldens

Cooranbong area on NSW's North Coast
His home very humble very Merv
Very handy bugger wood his speciality
The bloke was always helping someone
I wrote a letter to his cops
Must have rung a bell he came home

Home for over 20 years
In Ballarat with Gwen he lived
Not an uncle more of a mate
One week he died
He's in ICU the message said
Switched him off three days later

I didn't cry for Merv
Haven't cried for a loss since Grandpa
Growing up with no hugs or I love you
A brother stoic as an Easter Island statue
Arrogance of an SS General
A sister who performs on cue

I'd say G'day ya old bastard
He'd reply enough of the old
Merv played a big part in my life
Far more than he realised
He left me emptiness a bible
And a great sadness

Constantly battling depression
Cry at movies not funerals
Life has always been a battle
Screwed up inside
What will be first
Peace or death​

​Sadness Without Tears