Sammy's Day

Morning already
Shut that rooster up
Aha leftover worm
Breakfast of champions

This nest is a mess
Hope Sally doesn't turn up
Twigs and wool everywhere
We need a plastic nest

That looks better
Time for work
Stinsons or Point Reyes
Think I'll have the fish and chips

There's Barry Maurice and Robin
I wonder what they are doing
Hi Sammy dig in
They look tasty

Wow! What's the flavour
Secret herbs and spices
Nah, whale belly juices
He just spat them out

I've eaten too much
Time for a nap
Flap harder fatso
You'll never take off

I give up
I'll just doze here
Bob up and down
Get myself a tan

What the hell was that
Duck! here comes the skier
I'm out of here
Where can I go

Look people on the beach
Hope there's fish and chips
I'll sit next to the fat guy
You! Give me a chip

That's a cigarette butt
You think I'm stupid
Give me a chip
Ya fat pig

Go on Phil
Give it one
Yeah, go on fat Phil
You don't need it

Cool, three chips
God, he's wasting away
Time to hit the cans
And head back home

Sammy where have you been
I expected you hours ago
The worms crawled away
This place is a mess

I should have listened
My dad warned me
Mixed marriages don't work
Damn pigeon nags all day