Seducing An Angel

There she stood five foot seven 
Eyes blue or green I can't remember 
Brown hair resting on her shoulders 
The smile of smiles 

Her name was Deborah 
She spoke with an accent 
It melted my heart 
So cultured so classy 

I was falling in love 
She had to be mine 
Roses and chocolates 
Seduction by candlelight 

Picked her up in a limo 
Table for two on the beach 
Waiter and chef standing by 
Sun sinking into a red sunset 

The food must have been good 
I was busy swimming in her eyes 
Suddenly soft music 
I asked her to dance 

We danced forever 
She fitted perfectly in my arms 
I must have you she whispered 
With the sweetness of an angel 

I lowered her to the sand 
We slowly disrobed 
My tongue investigating 
She moaned with delight 

We woke the next morning 
Still on the beach 
She left for Peking 
I never saw her again