​From a Selection to a Farm

​Joe was nearly a man
When his third sibling arrived
This eight year old
Had two brothers Bert and Fred
The image of her mum
Little Mary joined the clan

The hut had long been a home
Two bedrooms were added
To fit in the boys
Times had been good
William had 200 sheep and
The wheat crops flourished

A five mile ride
On his pony named Roo
Through flooding rains
Or seering heat
Took Joe to school
And home every day

Next year would be different
Bert'd be six in May
They would need a cart
To get them both there
Joe loved his teacher
Jack Bayles' wife Linda

He was a good student too
Arithmatic was his best
But spelling and writing
He enjoyed the most
He was mates with Billy Harper
They were the only ones in grade three

Ringo and Horse greeted visitors
Running towards the gate
Barking their welcome
Been run over a couple of times
The minister once collected Horse
Didn't stop the bugger though

Bert named him Horse
Looked big to the three year old
They became thick as thieves
A boy and his best friend
More than once Horse
Saved Bert from a snake

A hole in the fence
Proved too tempting
To the twenty or so residents
Mary would call out
The bloody chooks are out
Then chase them with the broom

Chooks kept them in eggs
A few for the minister
Each birthday one roasted
Eaten in celebration
Roast potatoes and pumpkin
Washed down with fresh milk

The cow's name was Mandy
She supplied their milk
Mary did the milking
Sometimes squirting the kids
Mandy shared the paddock
With the four horses

They had been there five years
This was their home
Good times and bad
A school for the kids
Church on Sundays
Their future looked grand