​She Left

​Tears hit my pen
Heart falling apart
My love my life
Has left for another

She was Juliet
To my Romeo
My own tragedy
How can it be

Where have they gone
Those happy days
Joy and laughter
Now filled with sorrow

We laughed we loved
We shared the adventure
Through our 20's and 30's
It was for eternity

I was twenty-one
She was nineteen
When the love bug bit
Linking us together

We grew alike
Answered for each other
Those knowing looks
We were soul mates

Along came the kids
A boy and a girl
We had love to share
Nothing was too hard

Twenty years later
Two beautiful teens
Four beds three baths
A Jag and a Benz

It was for naught
I'm all alone
Plenty of questions
Without any answers

Can I love again
It'll take a while
I still dearly love
The mother of my kids ​