The Special Load

​We are going to Mildura
With a special load
Donata prepare the stateroom
It's a very special load

Troopers were everywhere
The next day
As Bluey and Donata arrived
Must be someone important

The Captain explained
The load was valuable
Ten troopers as guards
Don't go in the stateroom

They prepared the Belle
Then cast off
Heading out into the river
The troopers ever alert

They made good time
Their special load
Wasn't very heavy
Just bloody mysterious

Troopers enjoyed a smoke
Taking it easy
Curly grilled them
One by one

Donata and Bluey
Also gave it a go
They finished the day
None the wiser

Eleven extra meals
Donata was cooking
The Sargent took two
Into the stateroom

As they approached Pecks Landing
A shot rang out
Smashing the wheelhouse window
Curly hit the floor

The reply was instant
Six shooters firing
Into New South Wales
Killing one attacker

Curly back on his feet
Sent The Belle speeding
Away from trouble
Every board was rattling

Half an hour later
They slowed staying alert
Donata cursing and swearing
As she picked up pots off the floor

As it grew dark
They decided to anchor
In the middle of the river
All troopers on guard

A long quiet night
No one could sleep
The next day was hot
Troopers dozed next to guns

Three hours out of Swan Hill
A man was fishing
From a boat
He looked to be alone

The Belle approached cautiously
The troopers to the front
He looked up and said
Ya scaring the fish

He stood and started to sing
Troopers were entertained
By the drunk Irishman
Who lost balance and fell in

Forgetting their duties
They laughed as the bloke
Tried to get in the boat
A shot was fired

Grabbing their guns
They rushed the stateroom
Finding a dead bushranger
Another swimming to the bank

Bullets hitting the bank around him
The bandit escaped into the bush
While Curly had the fisherman's
Head under water

The rest of the journey
Was uneventful
Curly Bluey and Donata
Eager to learn the load's identity

By 10am The Belle was tied up
The crew standing at the door
As the stateroom was opened
Their jaws dropped

The open door revealed
A clean shaven Ned Kelly
Making good an escape
Started 10th November 1880 ​