​Sporting Australia

​Since Archer won the first two
Melbourne Cups in 1860 and 61
The Stawell Gift debuted in 1875
We beat England at cricket in 1877
Sport has played a major role
In our lifestyles and leisure time

Harrison and Wills down in Melbourne
Developed a football code in 1858
That became a national passion
Only fairies play aerial ping pong
Said the blokes from the north
Through broken teeth and noses

The Don, Sir Donald Bradman
Heads a list of batsmen
Who terrorised the World's best bowlers
Lillee and Thompson scared many openers
While Warnie mesmerised many others
As Australia ruled World cricket

Alan Bond put up the bucks
Ben Lexcen designed a winged keel
The Boxing Kangaroo was born
John Bertram a skilled captain
Together they wrestled the Auld Mug
Out of Newport for the first time

Immigration in the fifties
Brought many new things to Australia
One of these things saw men kicking a netball
Soccer was up against other codes
These migrants didn't care
They flocked to their games

Form the motherland they brought rugby
The game they play in heaven
A gentleman's game so they say
Flat noses and cauliflower ears
Was the only reward in union
For defending our honour Worldwide

Many sports have tried
Many sports have failed
Trying to lure Aussies
Away from cricket and football
It's hard to get a kid
Out of his dad's footsteps

A piece of wood and a ball
In a paddock park or backyard
A cricket match is born
So proud of our sporting history
Edwin Flack won gold in 1896
Yeah mate, we've been to all the games