​G'day Joe ya old bugger
Haven't seen ya since Cope Cope
The bloody floods of '35 it was
What a bloody mess
Mud and water everywhere
Bloody rained for a week

Where ya been Joe
What ya been up to
Been all over the place
Me and me dog Errol
Called him Errol after Flynn
If it's female he's sniffin' it

What about you Fred
Staying out of trouble
Doin' me best mate
In the Mallee got a month
For borrowin' some chooks
Bit bloody hard on a fella

Three meals a day
Clean clothes and a bath
Bet that shocked ya
A bath and it ain't ya birthday
The body is still recovering
Ya got ya stink back though

Come off it mate
You ain't smelling like roses
Too bloody cold to have a bath
That river is freezing
Plenty of time for baths
When summer gets here

I were in Donald
Lookin' for some tucker
Was walking next to a river
Seen a yard full of chooks
Thought he wouldn't miss a few
I jumped the fence

Noisy bastards they were
Makin' one hell of a racket
An old bludger come along
Callin' me all sorts of names
I grabbed one and was off
Jumped the fence grabbed me swag

Ran straight into a cop
A bloody cop I tell ya
The bugger lived next door
Big dark haired fella
Ate fish and chips for a month
That lazy bloody cop

Them bloody Greeks can cook
Nah, this was a bloody Iti
They're all the bloody same
Should go back next winter
Do it a 'bloody' gain
Warm and dry in jail

​Stealin' Chooks